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PSA Webinar Talk Series-II Commemorating 75th UN Anniversary

Published Date : 2020-10-07
From the ashes of atom bomb, the United Nations was built to cement the fissure created by the xenophobic nationalism and an unsatiated imperialism.  The United Nations was founded with a goal to build and maintain international peace and security. Seventy five (75) years since its formation, the world is yet to witness a satisfactory accomplishment toward this goal. Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the uncomfortable truth about the world community; that, even the most powerful nations are susceptible to a tiny pathogen. Information & technological sophistication had taken humanity to explore terrestrial body at ease, yet they have not found the cure for poverty, disease, violence and global warming.  Peace and security is not achieved by merely raising your GDP, nor by possessing powerful armaments or by digitalizing your whole lifestyle. Peace and security will be attained only when the insecure lots are given equal footing in the comity of nations. Insecure people and nations will feel secure only when there is an end of exploitation by one another.
On this special occasion of the 75th UN Anniversary Day, the Talk will review the past and present position of the UN and see where it stands today.