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Expert Talk On Minor-Major Research Grant Proposal

Published Date : 2021-10-08
The Research Development and Seminar Committee, Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung, organised an Online Expert Talk on Minor, Major Research Grant Proposal Titled “How to Write a Good Project Proposal” on Friday, October 8, 2021 at 3:00 PM. It was aimed to acquaint its faculty members with comprehensive insights on the effective execution of an academic project and research grant proposal. Prof. Mohammad Zahid Ashraf, a renowned Indian Biotechnologist, Head of the Department of Biotechnology and Director (Academics) at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, was the Resource person. Prof. Ashraf emphasized that the foremost thing while proposing a research grant is to be mindful of the funding agency’s instructions. For grants based on ‘Call for proposals’, the proposed project should match the keywords mentioned, meanwhile for grants based on ‘Sole invitations’, one should have a comprehensive and subjective project approach justifying the reason of invitation. He stated that a good grant proposal involves both - a good researchable question and simple feasible and creative solution(s). He highlighted that the abstract of the grant proposal should include a gist of previous studies undertaken, and how the proposed project add value to the existing studies/works with beneficial outcomes, and also discussed the importance of the objectives to have measurable goals. Precise, logical and balanced subject knowledge adds clarity to the hypothesis and rationale of the proposal, he added. Activities proposed must be time and task-oriented with deliverable outcomes, and also a plan for dissemination of information must be highlighted so that the target group or other public domains can access the information. The resource person also elaborated on the common technicalities of writing a grant proposal, as in writing and following prescribed formats, presentation of ideas, proofreading and respecting deadlines.
After the presentation, the moderator of the event, Ms. Amongla N. Jamir, HoD, Department of Political Science, Fazl Ali College opened the platform for an interactive session with the participants during which the resource person reiterated that good researchers make good teachers. While academics itself is hard work, research must also not be neglected since it adds confidence and peer exposure, and also opens us to the advantage of different platforms where we can increase our visibility. He motivated that almost all competitive national grants have allotted excusive grants for NE region, and therefore, one must take advantage of such opportunities.
The event concluded with the vote of thanks by the moderator. A total participants comprising of 55 FAC Faculty and some Faculty and Scholars from Jamia Millia Islamia attended the Expert Talk.