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Six days Training Programme for Educational Institute Management

Published Date : 2021-07-19
A “Six-day Training Programme on Google Workspace For Educational Institute Management & Tally Prime” was organised by Systems & Information Committee, Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung from 12th – 17th July, 2021. The Resource persons were drawn from the college faculty comprising of Dr. Abhijit Borah, Physics Department, Mr. N John Kuotsu, Computer Science, Mr. Lanunungsang, Computer Science and Dr. Imlinichet Imchen, Economics Department. 
1. Aim- To enable College Staff to use computers effortlessly in the execution of their duties. GSuite/Google Workspace/Cloud Computing is an integral part of the college and will be used for college management. 
2. Target- To train eight selected office staff with one computer each for six days, two hours each day. 
3. Modules that were covered in the training - a. G Suite / Google Workplace (GMail/Google Drive/Google Documents) b. Google Sheets c. Admission Module of Fazl Ali College d. Examination Module of Fazl Ali College e. Tally (mandatory/exclusive) for the Account Section Staff. 
4. Outcome of the Training- a. The participants should be able to use the Google Workspace for i. Sending Official Emails. ii. Share Documents. iii. Keep Financial Records using Tally. iv. Conduct (nonfresh) Administration Online. v. Conduct examination Form Filling Online. b. The resource persons will guide the participants in doing the above initially. 
5. Feedback- (From organisers as well as participants) a. Participants should be fully released from office during the training days so that they can focus on their training. b. Training hours should be extended to 4 hours per day. c. More training programmes, specialised for specific office responsibilities should be organised. 
6. Future Plans- a. To provide Online Admission Training for Fresh Admissions. b. Preparation of Roll Sheet of College Examinees for University. c. Automate printing of Admit Cards of Examinees. d. Provide the following training to Personal Assistants and Other Clerks of the College so that they can i. Send, Receive and Compose Emails. ii. Share Information Online. iii. Keep Document Records Online. iv. Prepare Calendar Schedules for Principal, Vice-Principal.